Three Common Toilet Problems You Should Be Aware Of

Our daily routine is such a blur these days. Those who lead a hectic lifestyle need to be on top of things and get tasks done in the fastest time possible. A small delay in the morning can cause a lot of problems during the latter stretch of the day.

This is true, especially with your morning routine in the bathroom. One common cause of delay is a faulty toilet. Before you embark for a busy day, you need to get rid of all that waste inside your body. That’s why it’s very crucial to prevent these toilet problems before it causes you too much stress. Here are some of them.

A weak flush

After taking a piss or excreting solid waste, you would want to get rid of it right away. This won’t be possible if your toilet’s flushing mechanism isn’t working like it should. There various causes for this problem to happen. For starters, the toilet itself has deteriorated and the way it flushes has become defective. The culprit in this situation is the flapper. What you should do is take the top lid off and inspect this component for any irregularities. If you determine a problem with it, you should replace the failing flapper immediately. You can do this on your own or call a professional to do it for you. What’s important is the toilet’s flush works well again.

Having a clog inside the toilet

The used water inside a toilet should always flow out after using this bathroom fixture. If it doesn’t, you’ll face a daunting task of getting rid of the waste inside it. The common reason for the water not to flow is there’s an item clogging it. You may not notice it but you might have dropped a solid item, like a bar of soap or a bottle of shampoo. When this happens, the water inside the toilet bowl will accumulate, along with all of the filth in it.

When you notice the water isn’t flushing down, don’t attempt to use your toilet. Doing so would add more water to it. You can simply get a plunger to take the clogging item out of the toilet. If this doesn’t work, it only means this particular object has already reached a plumbing pipe. In this case, the best thing to do is to call on plumber repair Singapore contractors to get it out for you.

There’s water leaking under the toilet

What seems like a trivial issue can be a danger down the road. The leak could only be a few drops within a single minute and it couldn’t affect the toilet’s performance. On the other hand, a constant presence of water under the toilet can increase moisture in an already damp place. When this occurs, mold can grow without any impediment.

The air you’re going to breathe inside a bathroom will be contaminated. The best thing to do is to trace the source of this leak and seal it off right away.

These are all important in maintaining a great home for you and your family or to improve your house right before you sell it.

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