The Top 8 Thai Restaurants In Singapore That Are Making A Buzz

The Top 8 Thai Restaurants In Singapore That Are Making A Buzz

There are times when you want to try something new when it comes to the food you’re eating. When you’re in Singapore, you wouldn’t have a hard time going on a food adventure to discover dishes you haven’t tried before. This experience will surely expand your perspective on food and get an idea of how the food from other nations taste like. One such type of cuisine you should know about is Thai food. If you’re up for this kind of meal, here are the seven best Thai restaurants in Singapore you should definitely visit.

Moona Thai Kitchen

When you’re around Hougang, the best place to get Thai food is here in Moona Thai Kitchen. This establishment offers a wide variety of Thai dishes you have to try as soon as possible, such as Pad Thai and Pineapple Fried Rice, among others. There is a generous amount of room here and the ambiance will blow your mind away. If you want to try Thai food, you won’t go wrong with Moona Thai Kitchen.

Nakhon Kitchen

If you feel Thai cuisine might be too intimidating or pricey, you better take a look at Nakhon Kitchen. This restaurant cooks Thai food in a way where in you won’t be estranged or befuddled. At the same time, their prices are very friendly too. All you need is to head on over to their place so you can start feasting on their meals.

First Thai

Are dying to have a taste of delicious Tom Yum soup? If you are, you can readily have it here in First Thai. Order a bowl and your eyes will pop out once they bring it to you. Get your spoon and taste how exquisite and tasty their soup is.  Plus, you’ll also be pleased with how friendly and helpful their staff is. If these things sound good, better find some time for First Thai right away.

Korat Thai Cafe

Located in the Orchard Towers building, Korat Thai Cafe offers a place for those who want to experience quality Thai food. Their dishes are full of flavour, as evidenced by each bite you take here. One taste and you’ll definitely won’t forget how scrumptious their meals are. When you want your mouth to water, this restaurant is the place to be.

Took Lae Dee

There are times when you want to shake things up when it comes to your food. If this is the case, better give Took Lae Dee a chance. They offer street hawker-style dishes straight out of Thailand. Take a seat, order their signature Pad Thai or Pad Krapow, and you’ll be happy with how generous their servings are. You’ll truly have a taste of Bangkok whenever you’re here.

Sabai Fine Thai on the Bay

The ideal location to enjoy an amazing Thai meal is somewhere you can have a grand view of the bay. Here in Sabai Fine Thai on the Bay, you’ll surely have that amazing scenery to go along with your food. And you won’t feel cheated when you dine here. Every dish reeks of authenticity. You won’t get that when you go to most Thai restaurants. After you’re done eating here, you won’t stop raving at how authentic it is.

Jane Thai

After a long day at the office, you’d want to spend dinner with the least amount of stress possible. This is a reality when you visit Jane Thai. Their place exudes a laid-back charm, one where you’ll instantly feel at home. The food here is just as good, if not better. Take a look at their menu, choose one of their authentic Thai dishes, and you’ll find all the stress suddenyl melting away.

Tamarind Hill

Tamarind Hill specializes in delivering a memorable Thai experience using its classic colonial-styled interiors. This lends a luxury feel whenever you have a meal here. Their Thai dishes are also the same, quality and well-made. If you are seeking a Thai dining experience that’s above every place else, Tamarin Hill is one of the options you should consider.

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