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“How many hours do you sleep a day?”

This question makes us think about so many aspects of our lives that demand our time and attention.

Whether you are a bachelor or a family guy, 24 hours do not seem to be enough for all the things you need to do, for all the activities you want to have, and all the goals you want to achieve.

Some of these things you do for work, some for the people that matter to you, and some for pure leisure and enjoyment. The last one, we just can’t take away from us. We’ll stretch our time and energy to fulfil our longing for the interest we respectively have.

Most of all, in the midst of the chaotic schedule and the demands we hear everyday, a man has to RELAX. It’s true that a man has to do what he gotta do, but nothing can take away from us our time alone for our interests and hobbies. Unfortunately, the responsibilities get harder by the day that we seem to be pressed from all corners.

If you’re feeling me, man, I encourage you to take a stop here at this site every once in a while. Here, we’ll feed you not only with information but with news and updates that will calm your mind and heart.

Here, we gather facts, updates, trending issues, and whatnot that will take your mind off from the stressful situation you’re at. We pick up only the interesting matters so you can have pure relaxation.

Stare. Read. Be updated. Know what you need and want to know.

Discover what you have not heard of yet.

Cars. Office Stuff. Things and situations only Dads understand.

Your cooking skills that you know you will be able to and you want to master the soonest time possible.

All these things and more are what we’re bringing on the table.